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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Goodbye Hawkman, hello Hawkgirl

I caught up on some of my reading over the weekend - which, for me, means whittling down my stack of unread comics. Among the comics I finally got to was “Hawkman” No. 49. Next month the series transforms into “Hawkgirl.” No, there’s no sex change involved. It just means that when the DC Universe jumps a year ahead in time next month in the big One Year Later shakeup, Hawkgirl is still around, but Hawkman isn’t. I hope the change is a temporary one. Writer Geoff Johns untangled Hawkman’s incredibly complex history and continuity a few years ago and made the Hawkman-Hawkgirl relationship the crux of the series. I don’t want to see that love lost.


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