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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Waiting for the trade paperback - or the DVD

I talked today to Hugh Sterbakov and actor Seth Green, co-creators of Top Cow’s “Freshmen.” The second “Freshmen” miniseries is due in November. While the sales of the first series weren’t as good as they had hoped, the trade paperback collecting that first series is selling better than anticipated, which is what caused Top Cow to green-light a second series.

“We’re in this really weird new marketplace,” Green noted. Instead of hitting the comic-book shop every week or month for that new issue of “Amazing Spider-Man” or whatever, many readers are waiting for the trades. And it’s not just a comic-book trend, Green points out. Miss a few episodes of “Prison Break” or “Lost,” and you may just tune out and wait for the DVD of that season, which will come just months later.


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