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Friday, June 30, 2006

Some movie-comics synergy

Very clever.

The eight-part “Up, Up and Away” story that has been running through “Superman” and “Action Comics” wrapped up this week. Writers Geoff Johns and Kurt Busiek must have had a copy of the “Superman Returns” script to work from, because there are many striking similarities between the comic-book story and the movie: Superman returning after a long absence, Lex Luthor using Kryptonian technology to get his revenge on the Man of Steel, a spent Superman falling through the sky ...

They’re not the same story, of course. Too much is different in Superman’s world in the comics; for example, he’s married to Lois Lane, not pining for her as he does in the movie. But I find it fascinating how Johns and Busiek were able to weave in so many tips of the hat to the movie.


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