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Monday, August 21, 2006

A new start for DC's Justice League

Issue No. 1 of the new “Justice League of America” arrives in comic-book shops Wednesday. Those nice folks at DC sent me an advance copy.

There’s a lot going on as writer Brad Meltzer’s run gets started (after a special No. O prologue issue last month). Mostly, the action cuts back and forth from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, as they debate who deserves a spot in the new Justice League, to developments concerning the Red Tornado and a new, unidentified threat. The League hasn’t even been formed and someone’s already plotting to take it down.

Some lovely character moments, as always, by Meltzer — particularly between’s DC’s big three. Though I’ve got to say it seems a bit arrogant of Batman, Supes and Wonder Woman to sit around and decide who will be on the roster. I’ve not much of a fan of Red Tornado, but his story still managed to draw me in. All in all, a solid start, though Meltzer’s quick cuts from one scene to another to another got a bit too much by the end.


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