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Friday, September 22, 2006

Superheroes on the small screen

It’s the most anticipated show of the season!

Well, by me, anyway. “Heroes” premieres Monday night on NBC.

“ ‘Heroes’ is like nothing else on TV,” says Associated Press TV writer Frazier Moore in an enthusiastic review. However, the premise will sound more than a little familiar to comic-book fans: A group of strangers, seemingly ordinary people, gains powers such as teleportation and flight, apparently the result of variations in their genetic code.

Yes, it smacks of “X-Men,” but that’s OK. It still looks promising. And Jeph Loeb, who worked on “Smallville” and “Lost” and has written more than a few fine comic-book stories, is on the creative team behind “Heroes.” Look for Gazette TV guy Andrew Wineke's take on "Heroes," by the way, in Monday's Life section.

In another programming note, the animated "Legion of Super Heroes" premieres tomorrow morning on The CW. 10 a.m. on Adelphia's Channel 7.


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