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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Next up: Volume II of "Heroes"

So, “Volume I” of “Heroes” has ended. I liked last night’s season-ender, though I agree with Gazette TV critic Andy Wineke that the end seemed rushed.

I figured Nathan would be a hero at the last minute, so that wasn’t a big surprise. I was disappointed to see Sylar apparently slither off in a bloody trail; I was hoping he was out of here. Thanks to Molly, we already know who the big bad is likely to be next year, though maybe Sylvar will be teaming up with him.

What fascinates me is that, No. 1, a chapter actually did end (as opposed to, say “Lost.”) And, more importantly, that it opens up a whole new frontier next season. We already know Hiro will be back, and Mohinder no doubt will be around, too. And presumably Peter will fall out of the sky at some point. But with the rest of the cast, do we have a fledgling superhero team? Or will they all go their separate ways, with new folks taking the lead?


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