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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alex Ross returns to Marvel

I’m a huge Alex Ross fan, so this is one series I’ll definitely be getting next year. After you read the release today from Marvel, below, head over to Newsarama for an interview with Ross that sheds more light on the project.

Marvel Comics is proud to announce that industry legend Alex Ross — who broke new ground with his seminal "Marvels" limited series — will return to Marvel Comics in 2008 with a brand-new project, “Avengers/Invaders.” Set in current continuity and featuring Marvel’s mightiest heroes from the past and present like never before, this 12-issue limited series will reunite the award-winning writing team of Alex Ross and Jim Krueger (Earth X, Universe X) for their first Marvel project in over five years! Ross will also provide covers for all 12 issues, in addition to character designs for the series, which will be penciled by fan-favorite Steve Sadowski.

“It’s great to have Alex back at Marvel,” said Publisher and President Dan Buckley. “His passion and talent have brought our industry some of its most memorable stories in recent times, changing the very face of comics. With Avengers/Invaders, Alex is mixing the past with the present to create a story unlike anything seen before, which will reverberate through the Marvel Universe for years to come.”

Series editor Tom Brevoort explained, “Avengers/Invaders is a sweeping, epic story with a human core that will unite the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe’s present with the greatest heroes of its past.”

“It means something more to the world today, and that’s of course why we’re taking this confusing thing of the return of Captain America, that essentially is truly the return of Captain America, not in the way you would have expected,” revealed Ross of the series. “A lot of rich, creative room comes from that being opened up to us.”


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