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Thursday, September 27, 2007

An "All-Star" irritation

I got an e-mail years ago from a reader who just absolutely hated my Comics Fan column. Just way too much focus on superheroes, he griped. Horrific, he said. I e-mailed him back and said, basically, if you hate it that much, don’t read it! The reason I bring this up is I’m in the same situation with “All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.” Issue No. 7 came out yesterday and I keep reading and I don’t know why. Once again, little happens: Most of the issue is dedicated to an encounter between Batman and Black Canary, the rest to Dick Grayson confronting his parents’ killer. And it’s still an over-the-top Batman, reveling in causing pain to the bad guys and using a minor expletive I won’t repeat here every few panels, it seems. I don’t know if writer Frank Miller is serious or has cooked up sort of a Batman parody or what. And yet, frustrating as it is, I can’t turn away.


Anonymous Comic Guy2 said...

Bill, I agree with you. Superheroes, in comics, are like the most basic food group in the food pyramid.

If you aren't into Superheroes, there is almost no real reason to read comics. ;-)

Unless, it is the Fables. :-)

4:55 PM

Blogger Bill Radford said...

Oh, I think there's plenty of riveting comics stuff that isn't superheroes. You could certainly be a comics fan and not care about Spidey or Bats or whoever. But it also would be tough to write regularly on comics and ignore the whole superhero arena.

10:54 AM


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