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Monday, November 05, 2007

A new Batman?

Well, I sure hope Rich Johnston is wrong this time. In his Lying in the Gutters rumor column today, he reports that DC will be killing Bruce Wayne next summer, with someone else taking over as Batman. Years ago, Batman was replaced after his back was broken by Bane, but of course he got better. And we’ve already been through this with Hal “Green Lantern” Jordan and Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen dying, being replaced and returning from the dead. Over at Marvel, Steve Rogers is dead (for now) and a new Captain America takes over in January. Stop it already.


Anonymous Comic Guy2 said...

Why, Why, Why? Have they just run out of new ideas or do they feel safer with the tried and true? (sigh)

4:45 PM

Blogger Bill Radford said...

Dunno. Again, I'm hoping Rich is wrong this time. .....

10:25 AM


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