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Friday, February 15, 2008

Lex and Clark

Lex and Clark, together in one mind. Kara returns. Chloe dies again, for a while anyway. It all added up to a pretty good episode of “Smallville” last night. It’s always nice to see some cracks in Lex’s increasingly arch-enemy facade.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great episode! Though some episodes have stretched credulity this season, I found this one interesting and creative. Michael Rosenbaum is really doing some great work as Lex. He takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride with his bad guy to seemingly good guy at heart trip.

I am enjoying all the guest visitors too. It is cool to see how they interact and form the basis for so many Superhero roles in the future. Too bad Green Arrow isn't a regular.

As beautiful as Lana is and I love all the closeups of her face but I am getting tired of her clueless role.

I am liking the show though.

Comic Guy2

1:55 PM


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