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Monday, February 27, 2006

Decisions, decisions: The DC explosion

I sat down this weekend with my March previews — which solicits comics coming out in May — and started thinking about what a hit my wallet’s going to take if I get all the titles I want to get. DC, in particular, is exploding with a wealth of new titles. There’s the new weekly series, “52,” which boasts some of the top writing talent at DC. There’s also a new “Spectre” miniseries, a “Secret Six” miniseries, the new “Shadowpact” and more. In June, DC will publish a one-shot, “Brave New Worlds,” that serves as an introduction to six more new series. Dan DiDio, DC executive editor, understands our plight, but says he’s simply trying to offer readers “different flavors” with a diverse lineup of books. “My job is to make your choices tough,” he says. Thanks, Dan.


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