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Monday, May 29, 2006

Third "X-Men" a fitting conclusion

Just got back from seeing “X-Men: The Last Stand.” I thought it was great, and the non-comics fans in my family enjoyed it, too.

I don’t agree with the critics who say director Brett Ratner made the movie into a spectacle with no heart. I thought there were plenty of emotional moments, including one about halfway through or so that caught me totally by surprise.

The third movie in the X-Men trilogy, it neatly tied up some loose ends from the first two and makes sure that if there is another X-Men movie, it won’t be with the same team we saw in the first movies. The group definitely will never be the same. I have a few complaints: Magneto, for example, recruits the newly powerful Jean Grey, aka Phoenix, onto his side of the human-mutant war and then she spends most of her time standing around watching the action. But such complaints didn’t dim my enjoyment of the movie.

And surely you’ve heard this by now, but if not: Do NOT leave the theater until after the credits have rolled.


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