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Friday, May 12, 2006

Another big finish for "Smallville"

As is the tradition on “Smallville,” last night’s season finale ended with a cliff-hanger. Definitely not my favorite “Smallville” season-ender, but there were some good scenes between Clark and Chloe and Clark and Lex. And it certainly left viewers scratching their heads wondering how Clark’s going to get out of this latest predicament, i.e., being trapped in the Phantom Zone. But is anyone else getting really tired of Lana? There are riots in the street, the bad guy’s threatening to throw the world back into the stone age, and all Lana can think about is staying true to her new love, the now super-powered Lex Luthor.


Blogger guido said...

I'm definitely scratching my head.

But when the danger is this epic in scale, it kinda feels like the end of the series is nigh. It seemed overboard, like the show shouldn't be called "Smallville" if the entire planet is going to be threatened.

And what was the deal with the tool given to Clark being used for the opposite team? ... Troubling and frustrating.

Lana's character development makes sense to me; she continues to be loyal, and she doesn't yet know what's happened to Lex. The relationship between Clark and Lana is frustrating, but I'm not getting tired of her.

As a cliffhanger, it also wasn't my fav, but I do want to know what's going to be resolved.

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