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Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Marvel movie plans

Just talked to Kevin Feige, president of production at Marvel Studios and an executive producer on “X-Men: The Last Stand.” You’ll find his comments on “The Last Stand,” the last part of the X-Men trilogy, in a future Comics Fan column.

I also asked him about the slate of movies to be produced by Marvel Studios. He expects the first out of the gate to be “Iron Man,” targeted for a summer 2008 opening. Before that, look for more movies produced by Marvel’s “studio partners,” including “Ghost Rider,” “Spider-Man 3” and “Fantastic Four 2” all in 2007. Filming on the third Spider-Man movie continues for the next month and a half and is going "extremely well," Feige says, and "FF2" will begin shooting at the end of the summer.


Anonymous Dan B said...

Having enjoyed most of the Marvel movies of the last few years, I look forward to the upcoming projects, with some reservations.
I didn't think the first Hulk movie was bad, so the rumors that a new one will be made which has no connection to the first one is confusing.(I would rather they try again with Daredevil) I liked The Punisher, but no sequel seems forthcoming. As far as I am concerned, the X-Men and Spider-Man movies could be continued indefinitely.
Is the falloff in quality characters so abrupt that Ghost Rider is the next best choice for a movie? Frankly, I thought the character was kind of lame when I first read an issue in the '70s.
There are plenty of Avengers and X-Men who could support a film of their own (not sure about Ant-Man).
Personally I look forward to the eventual Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor movies, but some of the characters being chosen seem like filler movies. I would be happier with one really good Marvel hero movie a year than with one good one and one disappointment.

5:15 PM


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