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Monday, May 01, 2006

Tough times ahead for Spider-Man

It looks like the marriage between Peter “Spider-Man” Parker and Mary Jane Watson may be doomed. Or perhaps it’s Mary Jane herself who is doomed.

The latest issue of Wizard contains an interview with Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada and “Amazing Spider-Man” writer J. Michael Straczynski in which Quesada complains that the biggest problem with Spider-Man right now is “that darn marriage to Mary Jane.” Spider-Man, he said, should be a young, viable, single character - not a guy married to a supermodel.

A major story near the end of the year is designed to restore Peter to “the status quo that worked so well for him for so many years,” Straczynski told Wizard. It’s also a story, he said, that will tear your heart out.


Blogger nonfinis said...

Just a random browser's comment: I'm a huge Spider-Man fan. Have been for awhile, though I've only read comics for the last four years or so. I'd say, he and Jack Bauer are my favorite characters. Anyway, it is upsetting to hear that they may, once again, try to do away with Mary Jane... haven't they tried this before? Haven't people gotten upset about this before? And... character's grow and change... that's inevitable... why try to restore an old status quo, instead of building stronger stories now? Maybe I'm just missing something - being relatively new to this whole thing.

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