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Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's like she never left ...

Spider-Girl is dead. Long live Spider-Girl.

The 100th issue of “Spider-Girl” hit comic-book shops this week and, as Marvel had warned, it’s the final issue.

It seemed to be the end for the little book that could. The low-selling title has danced with cancellation pretty much forever; I wrote about one of its resurrections back in 2001, when Marvel had planned to pull the plug with issue No. 39 but then reversed course thanks to reader outcry.

Well, it really is the end of “Spider-Girl,” but the final issue revealed its not the end for the character. Marvel will relaunch the series in October under the title “Amazing Spider-Girl.” Sneaky devils.

The first issue will no doubt get a reader boost; No. 1 issues always do. The question is whether “Amazing Spider-Girl” in the long run will fare any better saleswise than its predecessor. It’s tough, because Spider-Girl’s part of a “possible, alternative future” rather than the mainstream Marvel Universe. So she can’t benefit from big crossovers or visits by Wolverine or the like.


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