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Monday, September 25, 2006

"Legion" off to a high-flying start

I doubt that I’ll get in the habit of interrupting my Saturday mornings with a half-hour of cartoons, but I did watch — and enjoy — the first episode of Warner Bros.’ animated “Legion of Superheroes” this past Saturday on The CW.

It had a lot of tributes to the Legion’s early days, including the time bubble and a headquarters reminiscent of the goofy upside-down rocket that served as the Legion’s first HQ. And while the show’s focusing on a core group of Legionnaires, a lot of other members, including Cosmic Boy, were at least mentioned or seen in cameos.

My one question for the brainy Braniac 5: If you’re going back in time to recruit Superman for your team, why go to a time when he’s so young he’s still learning about his powers? (Superman doesn’t even know how to fly when the Legion meets up with him.) I’d think a more-experienced Man of Steel would be of more help. Storywise, of course, it gives the Legion a chance to help Superman hone his abilities and adds to the character’s self-exploration.


Blogger Michael said...

In case you didn't know, the show was originally going to have the Legion trying to go back in time to recruit Superman, but they went back too far into Superboy's time instead. However, over the summer a judge ruled that the heirs of Jerry Siegel (Superman's co-creator) now owned the rights to the Superboy character, they had to rewrite the pilot and redub some voices to what we saw on TV.

6:26 PM

Anonymous Bill Radford said...

I did know that the show was originally billed as Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes, and figured the judge's ruling over the rights to Superboy resulted in calling him Superman instead. I didn't know about the story shift, though.

11:28 AM


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