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Friday, October 13, 2006

Tamora Pierce on "White Tiger"

I, along with other members of the comics press at a Marvel teleconference, got to talk yesterday with fantasy writer Tamora Pierce and her husband, Tim Liebe, about their upcoming “White Tiger” miniseries for Marvel. In addition, I got on the phone with the couple today for some follow-up questions. I’ll feature “White Tiger” in an upcoming Comics Fan column.

Pierce and Liebe make for a fun interview; they’d be a great comedy team. When Liebe, for example, was talking about his longtime passion for comics and mentioned he’s old enough to remember the death of Spider-Man’s beloved Gwen Stacy, Pierce noted, “And you’re still going on about Gwen Stacy and how Mary Jane was not the right one for him. Yes, dear.” Later, when a discussion of the mighty Thor prompted Liebe to erupt into Thor-mythology speak, Pierce warned, “I’m going to smack you so bad once we get off the phone.”


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