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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A new history plays out in "Bullet Points"

Marvel had a gathering with the comics press today by phone, with J. Michael Straczynski on hand to talk about his upcoming miniseries, “Bullet Points.”

“Bullet Points” will examine the effects one bullet has on the Marvel Universe, starting at a key point: the day before Steve Rodgers was to receive the serum that would transform him into Captain America. An assassin kills the scientist responsible for the serum; a young M.P, Ben Parker, is also killed.
So there’s no Captain America, though Rodgers still has a chance to contribute as part of the Army's "Iron Man" program. There’s also no Ben Parker to influence Peter Parker. And, as the dominoes fall, the entire Marvel Universe is changed.

The story also shows the value of a single life, Straczynski says. “One person with a bullet in Dallas or Memphis or New Delhi or Sarajevo can change the world for the worse. How much can one person with an idea change the world for the better?”

Look for the first issue in November.


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