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Friday, October 20, 2006

Wofman returns to Nightwing

I talked today to Marv Wolfman, the new writer on DC’s “Nightwing.” Wolfman, of course, is more than a little familiar with the character: After all, he and artist George Perez are the ones who transformed Dick Grayson from Robin the Boy Wonder to Nightwing back in the ‘80s.

Wolfman will be writing Nightwing’s adventures for at least a year. “My goal,” he said, “is to try to ground him again, try to set him up for the future, to show how strong of a character he actually is, and to come up with some new villains, villains that are pretty much set up for Nightwing and nobody else.”

I’ll have more on Nightwing in a future Comics Fan column.


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