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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Looking ahead to March

While we’re all trying to just get through the holidays and to the end of the year, DC and Marvel are looking to the future. March, to be exact. Both publishers have posted their solicitations for March.

Marvel doesn’t offer much information, though. With the end of “Civil War” in January, Marvel’s pretty much keeping a lid on the post-Civil War landscape. So the soliciations for “Black Panther,” “Captain America,” “Iron Man,” “New Avengers” and others simply read, “Classified information.” There is, however, the launch of a second Avengers title, “The Mighty Avengers,” to look forward to. And apparently a key development in “She-Hulk” as Jen discovers who shot the Hulk into space.

Over at DC, the big news is “52,” as it heads toward the big finish. And it doesn’t sound pretty. Here’s the solicitation for weeks 44 to 47: “In the month to come, death and destruction will reign supreme in the DCU. Storylines will intersect with horrifying results, a main character will die, another will do something he hasn't done in years, and one will fall from grace. A war is coming, and the end is near.”


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