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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sealed with a KISS

Platinum Studios, which I profiled recently, today announced a deal with KISS Catalog LTD. to create a new comic-book entertainment company, the KISS Comics Group. While there have been KISS comics before, this is the first time the group will be producing its own comic-book characters.

“KISS 4K,” a monthly series beginning in May, “tells the story of the transformation of the KISS band members into eternal, evil-fighting spirits.”

“We’ve had licensed KISS comic books before but never our own imprint and never with the wide reach across so many multi-media platforms,” Gene Simmons, a founding member of KISS, said in a press release. “Paul Stanley and I are personally involved in all day-to-day decisions and we are looking forward to extending the KISS legacy, images and sound to our fans around the world.”


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