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Friday, January 12, 2007

Lana, say it's not so!

So, she said yes.

Last night’s “Smallville” ended with Lana saying yes to Lex’s marriage proposal. That was after she revealed that she still loves Clark — but she loves Lex, too, and wants to look forward and not back, so what the hey.

There also was another of those painful scenes where Clark has the chance to tell Lana the truth but doesn’t. And now Lana knows that Chloe knows whatever Clark’s hiding. You’d think Clark would at least tell Lana that its not about trust, but about protecting her. And you would think Lana would realize that on her own. Oh, well, the soap opera continues. ... Look for more of a focus next week on action as Clark and his superhero buddies team up in a fledgling Justice League.


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