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Friday, January 05, 2007

"Civil War" heads for the big finish

“Civil War” No. 6, out this week, serves mostly to set the stage for a superhero slugfest in the seventh and final issue, due at the end of this month.

I dunno. I’m starting to have real problems with the idea of these heroes, once staunch allies, beating on each other. And with Captain America seeming to relish the fight. Enough has gone on that I can see him happy about pounding Iron Man into the ground, but overall he should be horrified about having to take on his former allies. And what’s the point anyway? If Captain America and his team beat up Iron Man’s team, what does that accomplish?

Meanwhile, I remain troubled by disparities between “Civil War” and “Civil War: Front Line.” For example, in “Civil War,” Iron Man declares he’s know all along that there’s been a traitor in their ranks and that he knows who it is. In “Civil War Front Line,” the traitor is revealed and Iron Man is shocked. Plus it is someone who has just infiltrated their ranks. So was Iron Man just spouting off in “Civil War” or is there another traitor or what? I’m sooo confused.


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