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Monday, January 01, 2007

Looking back: The year in comics

On this first day of 2007, I thought I would take a last look at the world of comics in 2006.

Best event: Marvel's "Civil War." I've got some gripes about how some of the characters have been handled, such as Reed Richards. He's been the absent-minded scientific type before, but not a cold creep. But the story overall has been compelling and gutsy, as in changing Spider-Man's status quo by revealing his true identity to the world.

Best rising to the challenge: DC's "52." This weekly series hasn't missed a beat yet and is weaving various threads into what I hope to be a grand tapestry.

Best in-joke: Making rumor-monger Rich Johnston the murder victim in IDW's "CSI: Dying in the Gutters."

Best new launch: Virgin Comics, with its intriguing line of India-themed comics.

Best comic-book movie: Sure, it had some flaws, but there were moments in "Superman Returns" that still haunt me.


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