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Monday, December 18, 2006

Cookies, cons and Stan Lee on TV

A few bits and pieces here ...

My 12-year-old daughter found out this weekend why artists often find drawing Spider-Man a struggle: It’s all that webbing. Using a Spider-Man face-decorating cookie set I bought at Michael’s, she made a dozen Spider-Man cookies. And they’re, well, let’s just say not professional quality.

I read a New York Daily News review today of “Identity,” the new game show that NBC is launching with airings all this week. Why should you care? Because Stan Lee is in Thursday’s episode, according to the review, as the contestant that night must match “Creator of Spider-Man” and 11 other occupations to the dozen folks she faces.

Going to be in the Big Apple in February? Marvel announced today that Stephen King will be a guest of honor at New York Comic Con, Feb. 23-25. He’ll be discussing the Marvel series adapted from his “The Dark Tower.”


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