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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Note to the Big Three: Move it!

Among the comics I picked up yesterday at Bargain Comics was “Justice League” No. 4. Don’t get me wrong - I enjoy Brad Meltzer’s writing - but I’m losing patience here.

Four issues in and Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are still hanging out in the cave? Quit leaving all the action to the trio of Green Lantern, Arsenal and Black Canary and get moving, guys!

I’m also losing track of the bad guys; it’s sort of like peeling an onion with different layers of villainy. And the quick panel-to-panel scene cuts can be confusing.

As always, though, Meltzer includes a lot of deft character touches; I particularly liked Black Canary’s tough talk. (The art to the left, featuring the kick-butt Black Canary, is the cover to No. 6). I also enjoyed the final-page twist, which I did NOT see coming.


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