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Friday, September 28, 2007

"Smallville" season seven

Some thoughts on last night’s season-opener of “Smallville”:

Once again, with “Smallville” shooting in Vancouver, we see mountains and lush forests in the landscape of Kansas.

They sure give up easy at Smallville Medical Center. Chloe’s heart stops. Shock her! Oh, well, time of death. And minutes later, she’s already in a drawer in the morgue.

Lana’s alive! No big surprise there. The mystery now is Lionel’s whereabouts. And Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen is now in the opening credits, but was nowhere to be seen in the episode.

We didn’t see much of Clark’s cousin from Krypton. She’s got that flying thing down, though. Looking forward to next week when Clark meets her. Must be lonely on the Kent farm with just him.


Anonymous Comic Guy2 said...

That really was an interesting episode, even with the large inconsistencies you point out. I am thinking Supergirl is going to get things jump started soon.

After his great work last season, I am thinking Michael Rosenbaum is going to push the boundaries with Lex this season.

4:50 PM


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