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Monday, February 25, 2008

"The Long Road Home"

I handed in my Comics Fan column for Sunday today. It’s on “Dark Tower: The Long Road Home,” Marvel’s follow-up to “Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born.” For “The Gunslinger Born,” I talked with artist Jae Lee. This time around, I heard from writers Robin Furth and Peter David and editor Ralph Macchio, all via e-mail.

"The Long Road Home" picks up right where "The Gunslinger Born" left off, following the adventures of a young Roland Deschain, the hero of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" novels. With Roland rendered "insenate," as David puts it, look for a little more focus on his comrades, Alain and Cuthbert.

"What amazed me when I went through the 'Dark Tower' books again, and what inspired me when I wrote the plot, was just how much Alain and Cuthbert love Roland," Furth says. "They really are devoted to him. He is their friend, but he is also their leader, and (for me at least) that gives 'The Long Road Home' its emotional impact."


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