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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Goobye, again, to Martian Manhunter

Since I was out of town last week, I had two weeks of comics to pick up at Bargain Comics yesterday. At the top of my reading pile when I got home was "Secret Invasion" No. 4. I found it kind of disappointing. The idea, it seems, was to provide an overview of the Skrull invasion and show how, in the Skrulls' eyes, anyway, the war is already over. My problem is that not much happened.

I was more struck by "Final Crisis: Requiem," in which DC's heroes, and we readers, got a chance to say goodbye to J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter. The story by Peter Tomasi was pretty heartbreaking, but ultimately uplifting. I wasn't prepared for the expanded scene of the Manhunter's death (he was killed in one panel in "Final Crisis" No. 1). It was good, I guess, to see that J'onn fought to the end, but it was grim, bloody and tough to read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, so sad to see him go ... again and again and again until they need him to come back to increase sales. ;-)

Wish I could generate more sympathy for the Martian Manhunter this time. ;-)

Oh well, maybe next time he dies I will get more involved. :-)

Comic Guy2

1:50 PM

Blogger Bill Radford said...

Has J'onn died before? Metamorpho strikes me as the hero who gets bumped off yearly.

12:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it would have been more accurate to say, he died under one of the Manhunter's aliases. John Jones, the detective, being the first one and several others at different times. I am saying it counts when he faked a death and became someone else. ;-)

Comic Guy2

3:17 PM


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