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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Last Will and Testament"

A pretty good stack of comics yesterday from Bargain Comics. At the top of my pile: "DC Universe: Last Will and Testament," with novelist Brad Meltzer checking in on various corners of the DC Universe before an against-the-odds battle.

That battle presumably is the one being waged in "Final Crisis," though, interestingly, there's no "Final Crisis" logo on the cover. As such, it's kind of perplexing as to where this fits into "Final Crisis." "Last Will" features Batman, for example, and he was taken prisoner early in "Final Crisis" before anyone even knew a crisis existed. Disparities with Superman, Green Lantern and others are also evident. Just as with "Countdown to Final Crisis," there doesn't seem to be any editorial hand smoothing out the wrinkles.

If you can get past all that, though, there are a lot of nice character bits throughout. The main story covers Geo-Force's vendetta against Deadshot, and while I've never really paid attention to Geo-Force, Meltzer made me care.


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