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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cable to get the Ultimate makeover

Another Thursday, another Marvel teleconference.

The featured guest this time was writer Robert Kirkman, on hand to talk about October’s “Ultimate X-Men” No. 75.

“We’re bringing in the new Ultimate version of Cable, which I think is going to be pretty cool,” Kirkman said. It’ll lead to some big changes in the line-up and at least one death, he added.

This Cable is NOT Scott Summers’ son.

“We’re going a different way with this and I’m hoping people will be a bit shocked,” Kirkman said.


Anonymous Law Dog said...

Ugh. Cable in my mind will always be the harbinger of what turned standard universe X-Men into a big pile of dung.

On the other hand, I don't like Ultimate X-men either. Ultimate Spidey and the Ultimates are great, but what really was the point of Ultimate X-men? It's the same old stuff repackaged. If it took place in it's own universe, without standard supers, it might make a better story. It al goes back to my major argument in the standard universe. Your common man on the street isn't going to see the difference between X-men and Fantastic Four. The aren't going to love one because they were good old humans who got mutated by cosmic rays versus being born that way. Honestly, who looks like more of a threat . . . the Thing or Angel? Ugly rock creature versus winged man? Hmmm.

9:31 AM


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