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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Returning to the fastest man alive

I talked to Danny Bilson yesterday. He and his longtime writing partner, Paul DeMeo, are writing DC’s “The Flash: Fastest Man Alive,” which is introducing Bart Allen as the latest Flash. Their stint on the comic book comes 15 years after their TV series “The Flash” aired.

Bilson and DeMeo also are writing a new series for WildStorm, “Red Menace,” which will launch this fall. The writing pair has become a trio: Adam Brody, who plays Seth Cohen on TV’s “The O.C.,” also is working on “Red Menace.” (Brody is also the on-screen and off-screen love interest for Bilson’s daughter, Rachel, who plays Summer on “The O.C.”)

Brody’s character, Seth, is a comic-book geek. So is Brody to a lesser extent, says Bilson.

“I don’t know what happened on the show, if art was imitating life and now life’s imitating art,” Bilson says.

I’ll have more on “The Flash” and “Red Menace” in Sunday’s Comics Fan.


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