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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TV Guide: Your source for comic-book news

The latest TV Guide, for the week of July 24-30, has lots of items of interest for comics fan.

First, there’s a look at the upcoming sixth season of “Smallville.” Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen will be the latest DC superhero to visit “Smallville.” He won’t just be dropping in, though; TV Guide reports that Ollie, played by Justin Hartley, will appear in at least seven episodes. Also look for Jimmy Olsen, known in the comics as Superman’s pal, to join the “Smallville” mythology as a young Daily Planet coworker of Chloe Sullivan.

TV Guide also looks at the new reality series, “Who Wants to be a Superhero?,” to air on the Sci Fi Channel. Legendary comics creator Stan Lee oversees 11 finalists who become the heroes they created. It sounds embarrassing, but TV Guide calls it “the most charming reality lark since ‘Beauty and the Geek.’”

Finally, there’s an item on Adam Brody, who plays geeky Seth Cohen on “The O.C.” and who will be teaming with Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo to write a six-issue comic-book miniseries, “Red Menace,” for Wildstorm. Bilson and DeMeo also write DC’s new “Flash” series and Bilson is the father of Brody’s on- and off-screen girlfriend, Rachel Bilson.


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