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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another big twist in "Civil War"

Well, I didn’t see THAT coming.

Last month’s “Civil War” No. 2 ended with a shocker: Spider-Man revealing his true identity as Peter Parker to the world. SPOILER ALERT!: “Civil War” 3, out this week, also ends with a biggie: the return of the mighty Thor to the Marvel Universe. And he’s apparently on the side of the heroes who favor the Superhero Registration Act, which is REALLY bad news for Captain America and the other heroes against registration.

I liked that Iron Man, who leads the pro-registration forces, seemed more reasonable this issue, trying to talk things out, while Cap’s the one who comes out swinging. It’d be easy to paint Iron Man and his side as the bad guys, and some of the story has leaned that way a bit. But the beauty of the whole thing, as Marvel has said, is there really isn’t any right or wrong side in the conflict. Both sides believe in what they’re fighting for.


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