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Monday, October 23, 2006

Tony Montana lives!

Entertainment Weekly has an article on the long-lived popularity of the 1983 film “Scarface,” including a new video-game incarnation.

What it doesn’t mention is “Scarface: Scarred for Life,” a five-issue comic-book miniseries from IDW. The first issue arrives in comic-book shops in December.

Like the video game, the comic-book series has Tony Montana surviving the big shootout at the end of the movie. Here’s what IDW’s press release says:

The blood-soaked tale picks up where the movie left off, as Tony Montana survives - you read that right - but just barely. Having lost almost everything - including very nearly his life - Tony must once again claw his way to the top of the sun-drenched Florida underworld. If the odds were stacked against the gangster before, he now stands in the shadow of odds stacked twice as high.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank u for leting him live. 2 be honest with u i kind of fealt sorry forhim in the movie thnk u for lettin him live.

12:56 PM


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