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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So who's the daddy?

Last night’s “Heroes” dropped in on all the major characters, I think, except artist and former addict Isaac. With all the moving around, it didn’t seem like the episode got much traction. But actually there were a lot of developments, including a revelation about Micah and his power, a suspension for officer Matt Parkman and further encounters between Peter Petrelli and the new invisible guy. Plus, Claire Bennett finds her biological mom - and she’s got powers!

So who’s her dad? My wife’s guess is that Horn-Rimmed Glasses guy, Claire’s adoptive dad, is her biological dad as well. Seems possible: Maybe HRG was tracking down people with powers even back then, came across Claire’s mom, had a relationship, then claimed Claire for himself after Claire and her mom allegedly died in a fire.


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