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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The end of "Civil War": What did you think?

So, it’s over.

"Civil War” No. 7 is here and while it seems like a bit of a letdown to me, I don’t know what I was expecting.

The issue was largely a superhero slugfest, followed by Captain America’s surrender after realizing that the war had gotten out of hand, and ending with a quick, broad sketch of the new Marvel universe.

My problem is I never understood what Captain America and his team were fighting for to begin with. Sure, I understood that he opposed to Superhero Registration Act, saw it as an infringement on civil rights, etc. But I never saw what he and his allies thought they’d gain by beating Iron Man and the pro-registration folk into a bloody pulp.

And I never believed Mark Millar’s interpretation of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Sure, he’s brilliant and sometimes absent-minded, but I’ve never seen him as as the type who would talk about his emotions in terms of adrenal glands or time the minutes he cried over his missing Sue.

But my BIG problem is that every state is now getting its very own superhero teams — and Colorado is getting the Thunderbolts, a pack of immoral, deadly supervillains?


Blogger cturner0127 said...

I thought it was a big letdown as well. I am sure that quite a few fans wanted to see Captain America and the anti-registration movement win. Also, what happened to the Sentry? I for one was hoping for DB aka Thor to show up and mix it up with Iron Man and give a speech about how wrong he is. A super hero team for every state? I thought that idea was shot down with the Great Lake Avengers and the Champions. Tony Stark is the head of Shield? I do not think that I am going to like the direction Marvel is taking with all of this. I would much prefer to have my old Marvel Universe back than this mess!

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