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Monday, February 12, 2007

Well, that answers that ... probably

Newsarama this afternoon offered a sneak peek at some of Marvel’s solicitations for May — and apparently resolved a big mystery in the process.

Marvel has been hinting for some time now about the new Fantastic Four. One piece of promo art it released showed the Black Panther and Storm fighting alongside the Thing and the Human Torch and asked, “Is this the new FF?”

This solicitation for “Black Panther” No. 28 seems to answer that question:

“It’s slobberin’ time! The new Fantastic Four just made a wrong turn on the inter-dimensional super highway -- and they’ve landed in the middle of Zombie-verse! That’s right, True Believer, if the Black Panther, Storm, the Human Torch and the Thing can’t come up with the perfect escape plan, they’re going to be the next hors d'ouvres for Zombie Galacti intent on eating the entire universe!”


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