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Friday, February 02, 2007

Lois and Clark, together for the first time

Despite the fact that last night’s “Smallville” was yet another altered-personality episode (Clark and friends regularly undergo personality transformations thanks to red kryptonite, magic, brain-burrowing worms or whatever), it was also a significant episode.

Clark revealed his true feelings about a lot of things, maybe even feelings he didn’t realize were true. The Clark-Lex feud racheted up even more. And Lana finally got a clue as to what Clark’s secret might be, at least as far as his powers. There was also the fun of seeing Clark and Lois become a couple, temporarily anyway.

And what’s going on with Lana’s baby? Lex dropped a bombshell that this isn’t your standard pregnancy. Is this part of his supervillain meteor-freak program or what?


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