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Friday, March 02, 2007

The real end of "Civil War"

“Civil War: Front Line” No. 11, out this week, provided kind of an epilogue to Marvel's “Civil War.”After much of “Civil War” tended toward making the anti-superhero registration folks the real heroes of the story, “Front Line” muddied the waters again. Captain America took an emotional beating, portrayed as out of touch with his country and too quick to fight the pro-registration forces.
Then there’s Iron Man, head of the pro-registration forces. The big shocking revelation appears to be that he was behind even more than thought, such as orchestrating an almost-war with Atlantis. The point of the whole conflict, I guess, was to prevent a worse rift down the road, though I’m a bit confused about that. Just as I’m not sure what to make of Tony Stark’s mini-breakdown at the end.


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