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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Trouble for Peter Petrelli and Peter Parker

So, no new episodes of “Heroes” until next month. Noooo!!
“Heroes” does the cliffhanger bit pretty well, and last night’s episode was no exception. Peter Petrelli is in big trouble, what with him being about to have his brain removed by the evil Sylar and all that.
It was nice to see Hiro, once my favorite character, not strictly played for laughs for a change. We also have a new character with Mystique-like powers. But I missed the cranky invisible guy.
Near the end of “Heroes,” we also got to see a “Spider-Man 3” preview. It was disappointingly short after all the hype during the episode, but it looked good. We’ve heard about the Sandman and Venom being the bad guys for “Spider-Man 3,” but it looks like Harry Osborn is going to cause plenty of trouble for poor Peter Parker, too.


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