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Friday, November 09, 2007

Lana and Clark, together again

Fun episode of "Smallville" last night. Lana got to share in Clark's powers and, of course, soon turned to the dark side. But first Clark and Lana decided to, uh, exert their powers in a mutually satisfying way, which made for some seismic activity in the Kansas plains. On another romantic front, does anyone else find the new editor of the Daily Planet (Lois' new love interest) annoyingly smug and condescending?


Anonymous Comic Guy2 said...

I was glad to see the show take the "super sexy" subject on. It was done well without all the graphic images, female nudity and slow motion looks. Just all those seismic events that went on for such a long time. :-) Now that Clark and Lana have that out of the way, the show can really concentrate on other issues. No matter how much the TV camera loves Lana's face, Clark has other problems on the horizon. Right?

I don't care for the new editor either but apparently Lois is always going to end up with the bad boys so she is going to find one some where. At least the show got a guy who does it real well. ;-)

12:55 PM


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