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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Brody as the Flash?

The Los Angeles Times reports that Adam Brody will play the Flash in director George Miller's "Justice League of America.” What the story doesn’t delve into is Brody’s round-about relationship with the Flash. Brody, who played Seth on “The O.C.,” had a on- and off-screen relationship with Rachel Bilson, Summer on “The O.C.” And Bilson is the daughter of Danny Bilson, who co-created “The Flash” TV show and also was a writer on the comic book for a while. Brody, meanwhile, helped Bilson and his writing partner, Paul DeMeo, write “Red Menace,” a comic book minseries for DC’s WildStorm imprint.


Anonymous P2 said...

And they all like a hot breakfast which ties them to "six degrees" of Kevin Bacon. :-) Small town I guess. Maybe Brody just liked Bilson for her comics.

2:55 PM


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