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Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Luthor

Last night’s “Smallville” would have been a good Mother’s Day episode, as Clark got to meet his long-dead biological mom (well, kind of). But the big news is that the annoyingly smug editor of the Daily Planet suddenly got interesting. He’s Lex Luthor’s presumed-dead brother? Am I the only one who didn’t see that coming?


Anonymous Comic Guy2 said...

I think this show was effected by the writers strike. ;-) It was kind of boring to me. Even if the dead Luthor brother some how came back to life after Lex killed him.

Seems like too many things going on with too many folks.

Maybe it is just me thinking this but the show may have decided to go with the others more and less Clark. Not something I would want to watch.

4:04 PM


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