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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sequels and prequels

I talked today with Chris Ryall, publisher and editor-in-chief of IDW Publishing. Seems like I end up talking to him about once a year on Star Trek or “CSI” or zombies or whatever. This time we talked about a bunch of IDW projects, including a sequel to the “Transformers” movie and a prequel to the next “Mummy” movie. I also asked about the new “Ghost Whisperer” comic, which is mentioned in the latest TV Guide.

In TV Guide, he says the comic is a risk for IDW since the TV show is something guys don’t watch except to gawk at star Jennifer Love Hewitt. But Ryall indicated he wasn’t quoted correctly and that’s not the way he feels. Though “Ghost Whisperer” may have been the kind of show that had a “female-heavy audience” at first, it has shifted in tone to more of, if not “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” at least “Charmed,” he noted. It’s a bit darker, he said, “not all feel-good stories.”


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