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Friday, May 16, 2008


"Smallville" had its season finale last night, and I wasn't as knocked out as I thought I'd be from seeing the previews earlier. The showdown between Clark and Lex was riveting, if a little rushed at the end. And was Lex trying just to control Clark or kill him?

My big complaint was the handling of Lana. She's been in a coma for weeks or months or whatever, then suddenly is back to normal with the death of Braniac. That's fine, but within minutes, it seems, she's already discharged from the hospital? And with time to make a farewell video for Clark that seems to come completely from left field? Come on ....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right now, I am wondering if I will return to even watch the show when it comes back.

So much of the show seemed disjointed and not really flowing.

Just jumping around from subject to subject to wrap it up.

I was underwhelmed and hate to see the show end like it did.

Even Clark and Lois couldn't save this episode for me.

Comic Guy2

2:38 PM

Blogger Bill Radford said...

You know, with Lex and Lana both gone, I'm struggling with the same question of whether to watch next season.

1:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a report that Justin Hartley, aka Green Arrow and Oliver Queen will be a series regular next season.

This news kind of makes me want to watch it again.

Comic Guy2

2:13 PM


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