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Friday, September 26, 2008

Building a universe one movie at a time

The latest Wizard magazine has an interesting article on Marvel Studios' effort to build a Marvel movie universe, with characters overlapping into various films and leading into an Avengers movie. Well-known examples include Samuel L. Jackson's cameo as Nick Fury in the "Iron Man" movie and Robert Downey Jr.'s appearance in "The Incredible Hulk." What I didn't know is Marvel Comics' key role in the effort, such as the fact that Marvel writer Brian Bendis was called upon to write Jackson's cameo.

Speaking of Marvel movies, "Iron Man" is released on DVD on Tuesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marvel Studios' has found the method to build on the success of it's movies. I like to see one of my favorite comic book characters pop up in a different movie even if I am not crazy about the casting.

There seem to be a lot of fans, like me, who want to see what is coming up in the next big comic movie.

Comic Guy2

1:33 PM


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