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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chemistry? What chemistry?

I received this e-mail in response to my Comics Fan column Sunday on "Smallville." The story had a quote from producer Kelly Souders about the chemistry between Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois Lane (Erica Durance). This reader couldn't disagree more. Any Erica fans out there? Or other Erica haters?

"Anyone who has actually watched the show is painfully aware that Erica Durance has absolutely no chemistry with her co-star, Tom Welling, nor can she act. ...

"The real Lois Lane is always a well educated woman who earns her way into the Daily Planet under a legitimate and experienced editor like Perry White. Erica Durance’s character in no way resembles the real Lois Lane, since her “Lois” is portrayed as an uneducated (without even a high school diploma) bimbo who writes tabloid crap and who was hired by the fake-editor/cloned-brother of Lex Luthor because he liked her looks and she later slept with her boss for favored treatment in return. No real Superman and Lois Lane fan want to see the future Superman end up with this pathetic character and I should know since I have been reading the adventures of Superman for over fifty years. This Not-Lois is an insult to the legend and the producers of Smallville should be ashamed of trying to shove her horrible character down our throats."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did they sign it Chloe fan perchance?

8:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is obviously coming from one of those crazy Chlois fans from TWOP. They believe that Chloe will become Lois like other people believe that E.T. built the pyramids. Their hate of ED knows no boundary. They really suck but the worst thing is, they think they're cool.

5:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, saying what you think about a character in a TV show is one thing, making personal comments on their personal life? DUDE! Can't believe you gave this blog space.

You wanna bash the character of Lois Lane on Smallville then take a good long hard look at what they've done to CK along the way. Spends half his life moping in a barn/runs around with a murderer girlfriend/chases after a married supposedly PREGNANT woman/continues a relationship with the woman who slept with Bizarro and meanwhile his BFF has to act as his brain and push him into action and get on the case to stop the bad guy from getting something that might CONTROL HIM and therefore endanger the WORLD???????

I think at this point it's potatoe/potato.

Let he/she who has never made a single mistake growing up step up to be judge and jury I say. Lois Lane on Smallville has made mistakes granted. But this version of 'Superman' still has a looonnnggggg way to go before he marries up to the iconic Supes I've loved for more than half my life too.

Can't BELIEVE you gave this blog space.


8:03 AM

Blogger Bill Radford said...

They did not sign it Chloe fan - or even mention Chloe.

11:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Radford, :-) I know you made this post just to stir things up. Kind of like the kid who kicks over an ant hill just to watch what happens to all the ants.

But, I will play along too. ;-)

I like Erica Durance's version of Lois and she and Tom Welling do have their moments, that mostly consist of, long eye contact with overtones of what is to come.

Of course neither Lois or Clark are any where near the folks they WILL be as grownups.

The Smallville viewer should recognize that fact just as we all know we aren't the same guys now we were as teenagers.

After all Clark can't even fly yet and Lois isn't experienced enough to be polished or old enough to be educated.

There are a lot of other flaws in the other characters too but I have and can enjoy watching them grow toward their final state of being.

Really now, over 50 years of Superman and Lois is still being fooled by a pair of glasses when Clark isn't wearing a cape. ;-)

Comic Guy2

3:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't have to sign "Chloe fan" or talk about Chloe. This is the usual rant of Chlois or Chlark fans as seen in TWOP and on lj. The language is the same. And I'm not even an ED or Lois fan. I just think that the amount of hate is insane and immature. The show is going in the direction of Lois & Clark at the DP. There will be no Chlois "reveal". If they're not happy, they can continue to revel in their own Smallville version, but they DON'T need to bash ED in the process. It's lame, uncool and immature.


7:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chloe fan rhetoric. I love it. I wonder if the fact that Chloe is essentially sleeping her boss in S9 and embezzled money from said boss offends their oh so high ethical standards. Or the fact Chloe harbored a serial killer betraying Clark in the process. I love that a season later, their rhetoric comes back to bite them in the ass.

This is the show that never showed anyone graduate from college even their vaunted Chloe. And Lois does have a HS degree and it was stated in the show that she was wanted at the DP before she even met the editor (because he read her article).

Yes, Lois worked at a tabloid-ish paper while she working her way up. But then what about Perry White? In SV, Perry White worked at X-Styles a tabloid program for a while before he got his mojo back. Kelly Souders also said and I quote "What's good enough for Perry is good enough for Lois".

Lastly, in S9 after Perry met Lois and they worked together, he was impressed by her gutsiness and ability to find a story that he got hers and Clark's jobs back at the DP.

I haven't even argued the point that Clark wasn't even shown developing his journalism arc. That's how I know this is by a Chloe=Lois fan. They only attack Lois because they want Chloe to be Lois. Even though each season only brings Lois closer and closer to the iconic Lois Lane role.

I've read comics my whole life. Lois Lane is ruthless, ambitious, she can be unethical in her pursuit of a story. She'll use her sex appeal, her brashness to get what she wants. THAT is comics! Lois Lane. Any rational person watching Smallville will tell you only Erica's Lois fits the bill. Chloe fans (the crazy ones) are just so annoying at this point that even the non-shippers are tired of them.

11:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not-Lois...another clue that it's a Chlois fan from TwoP. They coined the word Nois and they're the only ones who call Lois a bimbo (though going by SV canon, that makes no frakking sense). Lois never committed adultery for instance. Chloe did that but Chloe fans don't call her a bimbo. They're such a pain that it's sweet, sweet karma that Chloe's not coming back for a whole S10. I like AM and wish her all the best...but her fans could drive Gandhi to his limits.

11:14 PM


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