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Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Dark Reign," "Final Crisis"

Two key books out this week, "Final Crisis" No. 5, continuing DC's big event, and "Secret Invasion: Dark Reign," an epilogue to Marvel's just concluded big event.

I found "Final Crisis," as in some past issues, to be choppy and hard to follow. I'll try a second read and see if it holds together better.

"Dark Reign" explores the secret gathering of villains brought together by Norman Osborn in the final page of "Secret Invasion." It's the bad-guy version of the Illuminati, and pretty interesting. Emma Frost is the most intriguing member of this secret inner cabinet, since she's been both villainess and heroine. I liked the art, with one exception. I agree with the posters over at Newsarama who found the depiction of Namor disconcerting; looks like he's balding, out of shape and in need of a shave, not a very impressive presence.


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